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        Xuchang Eva Hair Industry Co., Ltd

        Xuchang Eva Hair Industry Co., Ltd

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        Human Hair Weaving
        Product name : Human Hair Weaving

        Model Number : HW-01

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        100% human hair and remy human hair weaving:

        1) Colors Available: 1#, 1B#, 2#, 4#, 6#, 8#, 10#, 12#, #16, #17, #18, 22#, 24#,
        27#, 30#, 33#, 60#, 99J#, #530, #99, 118#, 130#, 144#,
        350#, 613#, 850#, etc.
        Burgundy#, Red#, Pink#, Blue#, Purple#, etc
        Two tone colors and piano colors are available too.

        2) Length Available: From 8"~26"

        3) Weight Available: 80g, 90g,100g, 120g

        4) Width: 80cm ~180cm

        5) Texture: Silky Straight, Yaki, Deep Wave, Body Wave, Water Wave, Jerry Curl,
        French Wave, Italian Wave, Super Wave, Ripple Deep etc

        6) Material: 100% Healthy Human Hair Remy and Non-Remy human hair weaving!

        7) 100% human hair weaving, can be curled!

        8) High-tech Disinfect processing technology!

        9) Silky, Soft, Absolutely Tangle-free, No-Shedding!

        Our 100% human hair weaving are top quality at affordable price, free tangle and shedding.

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